Below are a few of the current locals that you might meet out on course. If you happen to be in the Newcastle area, feel free to contact us on either the email contact below, or for more up to date information contact us on the Facebook site. Tournaments and regular events should be updated on Facebook and this website.



Jonathan Jonas (aka JJ)


JJ is one of the resident pro players, playing on the ADG tour in the open division; he has many years of disc golf and Ultimate experience behind him. He also has the Newcastle disc golf shop which he runs from the back of his car, along with some of his own discs. Give him a hoi, via email or the Facebook page to tee up a time at the park.

JJ couldn't do without his: Pro Cobra



Neil Roberts

Neil is another resident pro player, playing on the ADG tour as an open player. He lives in the Lake Macquarie region, so contact Neil if you are down that way. He also has access to the Newcastle disc golf shop, and a selection of personal discs for sale.

Neil couldn't do without his: Flat Top DX Roc




Emilie Cameron

Em is our current pro women's player, she plays in the women's open division on the ADG tour, and is the current Australian Nationals champion. She would love to see more women out on course!

Em couldn't do without her: DX Leopard

Chris Hill (aka Chilly)

Chilly is the current local tournament champion, having won the Jesmond Jam for the last 2 years. He is an active ultimate player on the Australian side, and really knows how to Huk a disc! He is involved with Newcastle University ultimate sides and can be regularly seen out on course sending his disc to park under the basket.

Chilly couldn't do without his: KC Pro Aviar

Regular play times:

-          The Newcastle crew are often out on course, as a number of us that work near the course, there are often lunch rounds happening during the week. These usually occur between midday and 1pm. If you can make it down, let us know and we will try to meet up.

-          Newcastle disc golf runs a handicapped league day, the first Sunday of every month; excepting where an ADG tournament interferes with it (the ADG schedule can be seen here). All events are posted up on Facebook, and we do change up which parks we use occasionally. These days are handicapped meaning that everyone has a chance of winning. Handicaps are determined off your first round score, and then updated as you play more. Generally speaking, newer players have a better chance of winning because they can improve much more quickly than an existing player.

-          Thursday night during daylight saving, starting about 5:30-6:00pm, we run a doubles tournament which includes the active ace pot. This is great chance to meet the locals and check out the course in a not too serious round. When organising the doubles pairs, we try to pair new players with regulars, so they can be shown around the course.

-          Other peak times, tend to be near lunch on weekends, and Friday afternoon rounds. Failing that, contact one of the above people and we can arrange a meet up.